Hello there! My name is Juho Puonti and I’m a 27 years old multi-skilled dude from Finland. My passion is to create and explore all kinds of new things that comes along technology. I studied electronics and telecommunications at the Riihimäki vocational institution. I started working as electronic repair technician immediately after graduation and did that until my military service started at the Finnish Defence Forces. My military service lasted for 9 months in the signal regiment’s logistics centre as a military driver.

After that it was time to move on… In 2009 I went to Hyria Education to work as a IT support technician. There my job description contains desktops, 3D-printing, mobile devices and accessories. As an extra work I have developed web-based Info TV system and resource reservation system for Hyria which are still in use.

Novadays I also have my own multimedia company Media Elements Puonti which can be found at www.mediaelements.fi. My company provides web design, graphics design and photography/filming services.

Recently I also started a new web-site RC-hemmot (RC-dudes) with my friend Ari. It’s still more or less under development but the main plan is to write and make videos about our RC-builds.

And of course my wife, son and two dogs are keeping me busy on my spare time…

Here’s some of my expertise:

  • Web technologies
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • jQuery
    • PHP
    • MySQL
  • Programming
    • C
    • Java (basics)
  • Software & Systems
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Adobe Audition
    • Adobe Dreamviewer
    • Notepad ;D
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Microsoft IIS
  • Crafting
    • CNC-engraving
    • 2D/3D designing
    • Electronics
    • 3D printing
  • Others
    • DSLR Filming
    • Aerial cinematography
    • Photography



…and business inquiries www.mediaelements.fi

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