Create a retro game console from your Raspberry Pi


I had some kind of retro gaming weekend a week ago with my wife as we were playing Super Mario Bros 3 etc with my 8-bit Nintendo. At the same moment my friend sent me a link to the RetroPie project for the Raspberry Pi. Okay, here we go… Raspberry Pi 2 was just released and I immediately ordered one and because we are talking about the old consoles I really want it to be as authentic as  it could. Therefore I went to eBay to search some USB gaming controllers and there’s a lots and lots of them available. I ordered some 3,50$ NES and SNES controllers and 9$ N64 controller. Interesting to see what kind of quality you can get with that price… :)








Installation of RetroPie is very simple, there’s a lot of tutorials available if you Google for it but I decided to write down what I did.

1. First download your copy of RetroPie from (Make sure you download it for the correct version of Raspberry Pi, 1 or 2)
After you have downloaded the packed image file, extract it to a place you want.

2. Make your SD-card bootable and copy the image file (.img) into it.
You can use ApplePi-Baker on OSX to make the RetroPie SD-card or you can do it manually. I used ApplePi-Baker and it can be found at

applepie_bakerIt’s really simple with ApplePi-Baker, just select your SD-card and image file and press ”IMG to SD-Card”.  Now you just have to wait for the program to finish and unmount the SD-card.




Win32DiskImager seems to do the same trick but I haven’t tested it.

You can also do this with command line if you like…

3. Plug your SD-card into a Raspberry Pi and power it on. RetroPie and Emulator Station will start automatically and there you have your retro game console up and running.








4. Expand Filesystem (if your SD-card is larger than 4GB). While you at the main menu press ”F4″ from your keyboard and configuration tool will open. Select ”1. Expand Filesystem” and reboot when finished.

5. Plugin your controller, configure the buttons by pressing your controller ”A” button (just what ever button you want to use as ”A”…).

6. Move ROMs to a SD-card and start playing :)
If you have your RasPi connected to a network, you can just do this with your computer by going to  Network > retropie >roms.







I hope this helped you! Enjoy your new game console! :)

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